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Leaks, drips and slips

If your fluids keep running low, then there’s a good chance your engine may be leaking inappropriately. Our experienced team can pinpoint where the leaks originate so that they can address the problem directly without wasting time.

Transfer case rebuilds

If your transfer case is bad, then your engine and axles will have trouble communicating effectively. Fortunately, we handle a wide variety of transmission repairs including rebuilding the transfer case when it’s malfunctioning.

Rear differential repairs

Your car’s rear differential doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, which means you could have a problem before you even know what’s wrong. We take our time evaluating your car’s components so that we can address problems like rear differential repairs.

Clutch assembly rebuilds

Problems with your car’s clutch assembly could result in serious accidents if left untreated. We have the experienced needed to repair individual components such as the clutch disc and flywheel, but we can also rebuild the clutch assembly completely depending on the damage


Drive axle repairs

If you’ve been having issues steering or getting your wheels to turn correctly, then you may have an issue with the drive axle. Rest assured that we can handle this problem. We offer full diagnostic services to determine the level of damage to your drive axle as well as recommendations for how to resolve the issue.

Funny shifts

Is your gearshift unresponsive or malfunctioning in some way? Funny shifts can lead to accidents, and we want to help our customers avoid long-term problems. We’ll diagnose the issue as quickly as possible, and we’ll recommend the most effective repair solution that addresses the underlying problems.

Transmission rebuilds

Few things are more frustrating than having to deal with a faulty transmission, and this particular repair can be costly. Instead of taking your chances with inexperienced mechanics, turn to us for thorough and honest transmission rebuilds.

Engine rebuilds

Sometimes, an engine needs a complete overhaul in order to get a car up and running again. Our technicians are capable of rebuilding entire engines quickly and efficiently using high-quality equipment. Best of all, we’ll do our best to conserve costs where possible.

Electrical work

From radio malfunctions to more complicated internal electrical repairs, we offer work designed to keep your car running efficiently. Your car’s internal electrical system affects every aspect of your car’s performance, and we work diligently to identify major problems before they become irreparable.

Flywheel repairs

Your car’s flywheel helps maintain energy and stability during power interruptions in your vehicle. As part of the clutch assembly, this crucial wheel affects the long-term performance of your car. When you need flywheel repairs, you can count on us for quick, reliable and meticulous work.

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